Elise, Director & Teacher


Elise brings a love of simplicity, a keenness for life-long learning and a strong belief in the wisdom of children to Field & Forest Programs.   

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Brian, Teacher


Brian brings his passion for discovery and wealth of outdoor skills to his teaching children in a fun and interactive way. 

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Freda, Teacher


Freda delights in being around 'little beings', and grows more when 

she is in their precious company.

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Dylan, Teacher


Dylan is a magnetic force for joyful play outdoors. He can often be found underneath a pile of laughing children.  

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Alena, Teacher


 Alena is excited to share her love of nature and exploration with children in the great outdoors! 

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Shelby, Teacher


Shelby enjoys working with children and is fascinated with nurturing their development. 

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Cole, Teacher


Cole holds appreciation and curiosity for the natural world and all that it holds. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with the kids at Budding Naturalists!

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Christine, Teacher


Christine loves sharing her passion for the outdoors with the Field & Forest kids!

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Kathleen, Teacher


Kathleen loves nothing more than playing with children, talking with them, and watching them learn and grow.

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