Outdoor Preschool, Ages 3 to 5

A completely outdoor program designed for preschool children ages 3 to 5, meeting late September through mid-May, 8:45 to 11:45 am.  We meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - you choose 1-4 days a week. 

Through exploration and play, children develop their self-awareness and self-regulation, teamwork, social skills, imagination, strength, balance and coordination, concentration, autonomy, and connection to the natural world. 


Our usual class size is 15 children supported by 3 teachers.   Detailed class times and tuition available below.

Typical Day

Field & Forest preschool starts with free play at drop off.  Children engage with others and say goodbye to parents or caregivers at their own rate.   Circletime is held in our traditional 18’ tipi and includes story-time, sharing, a short phonics introduction, and our version of “BrainDance” to warm-up our brains and bodies.

A child "community leader", chosen on a rotating basis, is the architect of the next creative adventure, supported by the teachers.   Adventures often include hikes through our forested ravine and meadow, community games, or other favorite activities.  Children trek, dig, climb, splash, build, imagine, wonder, and explore. Teachers use constructivist, developmentally appropriate methods to follow children's interests, imaginations, and investigative work within a supportive community.

A snack and story-time refuels us for the all-important “project-time”, a time of unstructured play where children do what makes sense to them, often playing and working in small groups that form spontaneously.  

Children’s ideas and energy guide us. We support the expression of children's natural curiosity and creativity with lots of building, creating and imagining, and exploration of elements of nature.  Children learn how to use nature to create what they need, making strands of natural twine for their projects and sourcing sticks and branches to make tools.  

Budding Naturalists, Ages 5 to 7

A completely outdoor program designed for primary children ages 5 to 7, meeting the first week of October through mid-May on Thursday afternoons, 12:30 to 3:30 pm.  

Through dynamic exploration and play children work with science, mathematics, and literacy concepts, and develop intrinsic motivation, empathy, social communication skills, independence, confidence, and a deep connection to the natural world.  


Usual class size is 15 children supported by 3 teachers.  Detailed class times and tuition available below.

Typical Day


Each Budding Naturalists day includes discovery-based science and nature awareness, hands-on complex constructions and community building.

Children build shelters, journal about discoveries and ideas, play, tell stories, read books, learn about fire safety, and track animals, with nature as their classroom. Teachers support children's interests, autonomy and community.

Exploration and play is inspired by many aspects of the natural environment. Some areas foster climbing, some are perfect for building and creating, and others might be studded with fairy houses to the attuned eye.  Natural shelter is found in the form of friendly trees and plants, and ever-changing kid-constructed structures abound.

Tuition & Fees for programs

Parent Support - All Classes

Field & Forest parents are welcome to attend optional parent support meetings lead by Lyn Dillman, M.A., Parent Coach and Educator.   Parents find connection, support, and a chance to socialize with other Field & Forest parents while gaining valuable support from Lyn and each other. 

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Our Teachers

Field & Forest staffs our classes on a 6 to 1, student to teacher ratio. To learn more about our outstanding teachers, click below.

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